A few takeaways from 3 years of freelance writing

  1. Jana Hurley says:

    As I once said, “Andrea just knows stuff”, and now more people will reap the benefits of that knowledge! Proud of you girl☺️

  2. Troy says:

    In a world that needs more bold, caring entrepreneurs, I am proud to see you doing your thing, Andrea! Great blog!

  3. Todd Jacobsen says:

    Congratulations on your first (and wonderful) blog Andrea!!!

  4. Ancient Aunt Dorothy says:

    High time Annie! (I can call you Annie, right?) I love that you proved your mentors wrong (myself included) when you jumped into the freelance field early and became an instant success. However, as the person who gave you your ten-thousand baby names book, I want to urge you not to give up on that baby name consultant dream. I think you can pull it off. Love you always.

    • Andrea Van Essen says:

      Love you. I still have that book, of course. I guess I forgot to mention private librarian as the other dream job. We’ll see…

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